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Take control of plastic with us.

We come to events to get people hands-on with plastic.

And are setting up a people-powered plastic playground in Liverpool.

what we're about

Plastic Tactics wants to help you make something from the mountains of plastic available locally, whether it comes from your house, your business or the local environment.

We encourage people to use and reuse plastic responsibly, through access to useful information, practical equipment and collaborative relationships.

We are motivated by making. This means making machines, prototyping new products, litter picking, running workshops - anything as long as it's interesting and heading in a plastic positive direction!

Arthur gave a talk in Autumn 2018 about what we've been up to - we've been busy since then so please check out social media after watching for the latest updates.

We would love your help or ideas - please get in touch.

We run a regular Plastic Playgroup at DoES Liverpool every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month between 1-4pm - it's a great casual way for you to get involved.

What we do

Plasticity - Events

Africa Oye Team Photo

Take control of plastic with our hands-on, on site plastic transformation system - Plasticity.

We invite visitors to turn their 'waste' plastic into new products such as coasters and keyrings, with the option of the event or company logo.

If you would like to book Plasticity for your event, contact Arthur to discuss on 07857 904 804


Shipping Container

Inspired by Precious Plastic, we are setting up a workspace in Liverpool's Picton area, to turn waste plastic into creative practical products.

We have the container on site, and are currently designing and fundraising to kit it out and make the site safe for visits for people of any age and ability.

If you like the sound of that, please consider donating to our Patreon to bring forward our opening day and secure your invite!

On-Campus Circular Economy

University of Liverpool logo

We are working with students from the University of Liverpool's School of Engineering to set up a circular economy on campus to inspire and inform students and staff.

Our engineering students are developing a reverse vending machine, which will provide the raw material for products to be sold in the Guild of Students shop via processes including 3D printing and small-scale injection molding.

What we're up to

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how to get in touch

We're really easy to get hold of - whether you prefer SMS or DMs.

Please get in touch by email (,
phone (07857 904 804) or using the form below.

who we are

We've got a long way to go and lots to do.

If you want to help make this happen, get in touch letting us know what caught your attention.

An organisation is stronger when it is people-first not role-first, so please reach out, whatever your skillset.

Plastic Tactics is powered by a a loose group of people. Some of them are:

Arthur RowlandMain Face; Vision HolderInsta | Face | Twit
Liam AbrathatAction Man; R&DInsta